Yuko Kondo

近藤 佑子



Editor of software development. I am an editor of the Japanese web magazine “CodeZine” at SHOEISHA based in Tokyo. I’m also an organizer of “Developers Summit” which is one of the biggest conferences for software developers in Japan. I’m not a developer, but I like participating in meetups, giving sessions and organizing events for developers. Also, I’m a Nintendo nerd and a Kirby fan!


The landscape of developer's output in Japan


Talk description トーク概要

Many developers produce outputs for their own learning. For example, they write blog articles, give sessions and make indies tech books. As a tech editor, I’ve touched on the outputs of many developers to plan articles for our web media and concept and sessions for our conferences. However, I’ve been thinking I really want to be a fellow developer now. Then, I enjoy producing various outputs for developers as one technology lover. In this session, we will share the status of developer outputs in Japan and how DevRel can relate to these outputs to contribute to the output landscape.

I’d like to talk about these following things:

  1. What kind of output do developers have in Japan?
  2. Practicing output as a non-developer
  3. How do we co-create the information landscape for developers?



  1. 日本のデベロッパーはどんな成果を生んでいるのか。
  2. 非デベロッパーとして成果を実践する。 
  3. どのようにしてデベロッパー用の情報ランドスケープを共同で生み出すか。