Wataru Yamazaki

山崎 亘

General Manager


Uhuru Corporation


Wataru Yamazaki is a General Manager and the team-lead of “enebular” product marketing team, Uhuru Corporation based in Tokyo, Japan.

He runs a product marketing team and also acts as a developer relations of the product - organizes meetups, a user community, tech contents - demos, hands-on labs, and communicates with users via social media.



Lessons learned from 18 months of the endeavour for Community Growth - Days of failures and success.


Talk description トーク概要

Eighteen months ago, I started my product community from scratch. Only six attendees showed up at the first meetup. I’ve worked out in many ways, sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn’t, and finally, I found a good one. In this session, I’ll show you examples of failures and success to explain the principle I found. The journey never ends.

18ヵ月前、私は一から製品コミュニティを始めました。 最初のミートアップには、ほんの6名しか現れませんでした。 いろんな方法を生み出し、うま行く時もそうでない時もありましたが、最後に良い方法を見つけました。 このセッションでは、私が見つけた原則を説明するために失敗と成功の事例を紹介します。 旅路は決して終わることはありません。