Tiffany Tse

Tiffany Tse

Developer Advocacy Lead




Tiffany is a Developer Advocacy Lead at Shopify on the Developer Tools and Education Team, based in Toronto, Canada. She also works as a professor teaching web development and interaction design in the York University/Sheridan College Bachelor of Design Program. Tiffany specializes in front end development, accessibility, theming, and user experience. She is passionate about developer education and has previously worked as a chapter lead for Ladies Learning Code, and as a professor at Algonquin College.

Tiffany lived in Ottawa, Canada for 10 years and therefore has a huge appreciation for speaking, teaching, and travelling to cities with warm temperatures.



Building Systems at Scale for Accessibility


Talk description トーク概要

How do we build a developer experience that improves the accessibility of our platform? Component driven development helps speed up development time, improve on-boarding as well as build more reliably. As the projects we build become more complex, we can choose to build systems that scale and help to abstract complexity to improve the workflow of developers building on our platform.

This session will show concrete techniques and workflows that Shopify employs to help build accessibility at scale, and provide a better experience for our end users, both developers and our customers.

By thinking about inclusive design and accessibility from the start, we can ensure that the systems we build empower developers to create more accessible experiences for our customers, and create a strong foundation for the future of the web.