Peter Kinnaird

Peter Kinnaird



Hi, I’m Peter From Glasgow. I’m a Software Architect who specializes in mobile network technologies and connectivity - including LTE, 3G and newer technologies like NB-IoT and LoRaWAN.

My first experience working with mobile networks was when I worked as a developer for a research group at Glasgow Caledonian University - we worked on a joint research project with a company called Orange building Mobile Applications.

After I finished university I went on to work for a small company called Stream Technologies in 2012 who specialized in tools to help customers manage connectivity. This company quickly grew until it was around 50 people and was eventually aquired by Arm in 2018.

Now I’m out trying to show people some of the amazing things you can do with different mobile technologies (or even combinations such as LTE and LoRaWAN).



大学を卒業後、2012年に私は、顧客がコネクティビティを管理するのに役立つツールを専門とするストリーム・テクノロジーという小さな会社に入社しました。 この会社は、従業員が約50名になるまで急成長し、最終的には2018年にArmに買収されました。


Designing APIs around Documentation & Developer Experience


Talk description トーク概要

In Arm Connectivity Management our API was not being used by a lot of our customers - our customers that did use the API usually had a lot of issues building their solutions and needed a lot of help. In the end, we decided that our API needed to be redesigned & rebuilt with a focus on the developer experience.

This talk documents how we investigated the issues we had with our previous version, the decisions we made as a result and the things that we would do differently if the project was started again.