Mx. Kas Perch

Mx. Kas Perch

Developer Advocate




Kas (they/them/their) is a developer 🥑 for CloudFlare. They’re also an author of two books about JS Robotics and a Twitch Affiliate streamer for code and hardware. They like serverless and all the discussions it brings, and playing with their 2 cats.

カス(They/Them/Their)は、CloudFlareのデベロッパーです。彼らはJS ロボティクスについての2冊の本の著者であり、コードとハードウェアのためのツィッチ・アフィリエイト・ストリーマーです。彼らは、サーバーレスとそれがもたらす全ての議論を好み、また2匹の猫と遊ぶのが好きです。

Approaching DevRel as an Educator: Creating Content that Invites Your Users to Learn


Talk description トーク概要

We need to think of DevRel as an educational pursuit, as well as technical. When we create content, we need to think about a learning path that invites users in by assuring them that not only are they capable of learning how to use our services, but engage their curiosity so they’ll take that first step.

This talk will cover the ways thinking about your entire approach to DevRel from an education standpoint will enhance your users’ experience and create a stronger rapport between you and your most vocal advocates.