Daisuke Maki

牧 大輔



Daisuke Maki, a.k.a. lestrrat, is the main author of peco, a Go/Perl/C programmer, speaker, author, and a serial tech conference organizer (ex-YAPC::Asia Tokyo, and ex-builderscon). During his time off from the above, he's a father of two beautiful sons, and works at Mercari Inc

牧大輔(lestrrat) - peco の開発責任者。Go/Perl/Cプログラマであり、登壇や執筆をこなす傍ら技術カンファレンスの運営に関わり続けている(元YAPC::Asia Tokyo主催、元buildersconを運営中)。3児の父。株式会社メルカリ所属。

Design Principles For Event Organizers


Talk description トーク概要

Organizing tech conferences, especially in large scale, involves careful balancing of many aspects, and as event organizers we are always challenged to make hard decisions.

After all a conference is not just about talks. It involves sponsors, speakers, audiences, and lurkers – each of them with a different agenda than the other. In order to deliver a cohesive message it is important to properly design the conference.

In this talk we will explore aspects that one should consider when designing a tech conference from what I learned through 10+ years of organizing multiple conferences. Then we will consider some important principles for the coming years, in an age where we seem to have an abundance of conferences all of the time.


結局のところ、カンファレンスは講演がすべてではありません。 スポンサー、スピーカー、聴衆および潜伏者が関与します。それぞれが異なる狙いを持っています。まとまりあるメッセージを配信するには、カンファレンスを適切に設計することが重要です。