Krispy Uccello

Krispy Uccello

Credit Karma

Credit Karma

Kristan “Krispy” Uccello has been working in the technology sector for over 20 years. Recently moving into the financial technology sector, Krispy is leading the knowledge management and developer relations strategy at Credit Karma as an engineering manager in Developer Efficiency.

Developer Relations and Knowledge Management at Credit Karma has primarily involved internal activities such as organizing and executing a global annual Karma Hack event, engineering summits, building knowledge discovery tools (using React, Node, Firebase), creating new knowledge delivery tools (internal video sharing platform), on boarding and managing 3rd party tools for engineering knowledge bases and assisting other departments in information tool creation.

For 6 years he was part of the engineering teams at Google. He has founded and worked for startups as well and has worked for large organizations such as Nortel Networks, Unilever and the FDA. For three years Krispy worked with the game developer industry to help bring amazing game titles to the Android platform.


クレジット・カルマでのデベロッパー・リレーションと知識マネジメントは主として、グローバルな年次カルマ・ハック・イベントやエンジニアリング・サミットを企画し実行したり、(React, Node, Firebaseを用いて)知識発見ツールを制作したり、新たな知識配給ツール(社内のビデオ共有プラットフォーム)を開発したり、新人研修を行ったり、エンジニアリング知識ベースのためのサードパーティのツールを運営したり、他の部門が情報ツールを作るのに力を貸したりといった内部の活動です。


Bootstrapping Developer Relations by forming a Developer Efficiency Team


Talk description トーク概要

Credit Karma hired me away from Google (where I was part of DevRel) in 2017 to form a brand new Developer Relations team. After arriving at Credit Karma I discovered the company was not really prepared for any Developer Relations activities. This talk shares the journey toward being able to weave many Developer Relations activities into the company culture. Hackathons, engineering summits, knowledge management programs and tooling, engineering on-boarding / training, internal developer advocacy and more have been crafted and executed on a global scale.

In this talk I will share the lessons learned and best practices uncovered when trying to steer a hyper growth company toward activities that will make the lives of software engineers better and help the business scale.

Hint: The key to unlocking the funding and support was to form a Developer Efficiency team.