Ben Michel

Ben Michel

Developer Advocate




Ben is a Developer Advocate at InVision (the first!), and has been defining what DevRel means for design software there for the past 2 years. He’s also been involved in the open source community supporting foundations & technologies like OpenJS, Node.js, JavaScript, and browser APIs since 2011. He cares a lot about standards, and maturing business strategy and technologies through them.

In his spare time, Ben leads hacker meetups in Portland (pdxnode, donut.js, Web Audio PDX) – and jumps at any opportunity he can to make musical experiences through the web or on record!


空き時間には、ポートランドでのハッカーのミートアップ(pdxnode、donut.js、Web Audio PDX)をリードし、あらゆる機会にジョインし、Webやレコードで音楽を体験します!

Creating the DevRel Identity for your Company


Talk description トーク概要

Leverage the uniqueness of your role

Tasks like ‘making your company’s API more accessible’ are tactical aspects of being DevRel and generally well understood. Creating boundaries around what ‘DevRel’ means within your company’s context is much more difficult.

In this talk we’ll cover what it takes to create, foster, and deliver strong opinions to the right people, at the right time – in order to help shape great developer experience outputs for your company over time.

Hint: Most of the work is done by adopting a few solid principals which will help you successfully influence your company’s culture, communication, and collaboration – from both the ground up, and the top down.




ヒント 大部分の業務は、下からでもトップからでも、あなたの会社の社風、コミュニケーション、共同作業にうまく影響を与えるのに役立つ2~3の確固たる原則を採用することによって行われます。