Austin Blackstone


Arm Pelion / Mbed OS

Arm Pelion / Mbed OS

I am a engineer with social skills who enjoys getting things done.


Global Developer Evangelism - The Lean Way in Corporate America


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My team built a developer community of over 400K developers and managed it with a team of <5 people at any given time. We regularly compete with the likes of Amazon and Microsoft who have vastly more resources, engineers and general ability to crush us, yet we have consistently been able to remain competitive due to our focus on developer experience first, sensible defaults, and generally 1:many communication methods that allow us to scale all of our efforts. I would like to share some best practices we have learned so others may benefit, and maybe even use our arguments in their own tough corporate situations.


  • Tools we used (Zendesk, Jira, Google Drive, Office 365, youtube, …etc) and when to switch / what they’re good for and how to automate them
  • Arguments (Developers are the new kingmakers, evangelize from the bottom up, stability is your biggest feature)
  • Best Practices (videos with no spoken word for easier translation, create self driven workshops, 20% effort, 80% results)




  • 私たちが用いたツール(Zendesk, Jira, Google Drive、Office365, YouTube、…など)およびいつ切り替え/何に向いているかとそれらを自動化する方法
  • 論拠 (デベロッパーは新たなキングメーカーであり、下からの伝道であり、安定性が最大の特徴です) 
  • ベスト・プラクティス (翻訳を簡単にするために話し言葉のないビデオ、自主独立型のワークショップの制作、20%の努力で80%の成果)