DevRelCon Tokyo has been canceled

13 Feb 2020 information
DevRelCon Tokyo has been canceled

DevRelCon Tokyo is a global conference attended by many people from Japan and overseas. Earlier this year, We had many contacts to worry about the situation of coronavirus in Japan. Some companies have begun to cancel their business trips to APAC including Japan.

I always said, the situation in Japan and China was different. And I also explained that cruise ships are in a completely different state than in Japan. The coronavirus in Japan was under government control and few were seriously ill condition.

The situation began to change about last week. It has been announced that some people have died for the first time in Japan, and the number of infected people is increasing every day. Requests for self-restraint of large-scale events have also begun.

DevRelCon Tokyo is an annual conference, providing a unique opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a global conference while staying in Japan. The primary goal is to make sure that all participants, speakers, sponsors, and the operating members of DevRelCon Tokyo enjoy the conference from the bottom of their hearts and feel the potential of DevRel. It would be impossible to enjoy it if audiences are always put on a mask and disinfectant, and being afraid of the current coronavirus.

Based on such circumstances, I (Atsushi) decided to cancel DevRelCon Tokyo 2020. I have full responsibility, so if you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

DevRelCon Tokyo 2020 is not dead in me. While the situation of coronavirus is uncertain, it is difficult to write certainty. However we are planning to do it again around fall 2020 (after the Olympics and Paralympics). This will be announced on this site and through a social account as soon as details are determined.

Above all, it’s a shame that we have betrayed those who enjoyed DevRelCon Tokyo. Six months later, I hope that this decision was not wrong.

[email protected] Tokyo 2020 Organizer