Measures of Coronavirus

13 Feb 2020 information
Measures of Coronavirus

Hi all,

We’re tackle to prepare conference successful. So we can’t wait looking forward to meet you. However lately APAC has a problem of Coronavirus. In Japan, patiants are limited now, they got suitable treatment from hospital. There is totally 30 patiants (24 people are back from China) and 1 person is dead.

We believe our conference is safe, but we definitlly need your support.

If you match any conditions below, you CAN’T attend the conference.

  • Had visited China in 2 weeks
  • Have a fever (37 ℃ or 98.6℉)
  • Have a cough

We’ll prepare antiseptic solution and disinfection sheet at the conference venue.

If we need it, speakers put on the masks, and will be changed the program.

I belive your helth.

Atsushi, organizer of DevRelCon Tokyo.