Announcement for the hosting of DevRelCon Tokyo 2020

06 Oct 2019 information
Announcement for the hosting of DevRelCon Tokyo 2020

DevRelCon Tokyo 2020 is back! Last year in 2019, over 150 people from around the world participated at DevRelCon Tokyo 2019, but we will expand its scale even further. Here is a summary of some new endeavors at DevRelCon Tokyo 2020 this time around.

There will be a two day conference

There has only been a one day conference at DevRelCon Tokyo up to now, but it will be over two days (February 28th, 29th) for DevRelCon Tokyo 2020. On the 28th (Friday), it will be for businesses, and it will feature opinions from management of business and developer relations, team management, marketing, and such.

On the 29th (Saturday), it will be for developers, and the main theme will involve evangelists and advocates, the development community, DX (developer experiences), and such. Up to now, both sides were either combined, or if anything, there was more of a focus towards developers, but we believe that developer relations have to be tackled so as to grow businesses and understand developer relations as functions related to business, so we want to share that knowledge on the business day.

The venue will be at Yahoo! JAPAN

Up to now, DevRelCon Tokyo has rented Cybozu, Inc. as a wonderful venue, and foreign participants were also pleased with it. However, so as to expand its scale even more than up to now, we will now rent Yahoo! JAPAN to accommodate more people.

No more interpretation system. Pamphlets with speech details will be prepared

Up to now, we have tried out simultaneous interpretation and an interpretation system, but they did not meet a satisfactory quality. That is why we have now done away with an interpretation system, and instead will conduct interviews before each speaker takes the podium so we can prepare pamphlets containing a summary of each speech’s contents (in Japanese and English). People will be able to understand the speech’s contents by reading that, so it will be helpful to comprehend English speakers.

A kids room will be prepared

Up to now, there have been a lot of people who have brought their children along with them when participating at DevRelCon Tokyo, but they would have been held personally liable if a problem occurred. Fortunately, there have not been any problems up to now, but a kids room is still indispensable for people to participate without any worries. That is why, although it may only be for the 29th (Saturday), a kids room will be prepared, and it will naturally be free to use.

Furthermore, it seems like it will be available to children at least 1 year old. We apologize for that…

Other projects are being planned!

This is what has been decided at the present time. But even more projects will be prepared so as to further enliven DevRelCon Tokyo 2020. Please look forward to it!